Autumn colours glow at Kelman Vineyard

Autumn in the Hunter Valley is a beautiful time and Kelman Vineyard looks fabulous right now.

Sunny days greet us with brilliant blue skies. It’s warm in the sun and then cool as soon as you are in the shade. Trees change colour everywhere you look. Vines lose their leaves as they turn first yellow then brown. The vines get ready for their dormant stage, when they will rely on stored energy in a process called senescence, as they wait for spring and a new bud burst. It’s clear we need some rain right now to set the ground for winter. That moisture will be all-important in spring.

Roses are still blooming – some almost going wild – at the ends of the rows, bringing lovely splashes of colour to every view. Both vines and roses will need to be pruned soon.

The dams look good and are full. Our ducks are enjoying every day. Two majestic black swans live on our duck pond sharing with families of coots, moorhens and purple swamp hens. The swans are clearly in charge! We see the odd egret, cormorant and grey heron as well, and Kelman is well known as a bird haven.



This is the time when we start thinking about lighting the fire for warmth and comfort, and drinking those wines we’ve put away for the cooler days and nights. My favourite at the moment is our Tempranillo, which goes so well with so many dishes.



May and June are also the months of post-harvest celebration with the Hunter Valley Wine and Food Festival in full swing with activities all across the valley.  Here’s a link to the official website.  You’ll find Kelman Vineyard has a tutored tasting event each weekend and you can see more on our Facebook page. Use the link on this site.

Enjoy your Autumn wine country experience. It’s one of the best times to visit for weather and activities. We look forward to seeing you at Kelman and showing you our award winning boutique wines.

Martin Long